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At Inview Print we offer a full inhouse embroidery service. Embroidery is the best option for caps and beanies, but can be used on almost any clothing product.

How it works:

  • Embroidery is undertaken on our specialist embroidery machines. These utilise a computer file to mechanically stitch the design onto the applicable garment.
  • We create a stitch file from a jpeg provided (digitising). Sometimes the nature of embroidery means that we need to amend designs to suit the process – i.e. very small lettering should be enlarged to make it more legible. The 'digitised' file is then loaded into the embroidery machine.
  • The area of the garment needing the logo embroidered needs to go into a hoop (pretty much like Nanna's old cross stitch hoop) so there are some considerations around the placement of the logo.
  • Todays embroidery machines have some of the most amazing technology, including touch screen consoles. The machine stitches according to the program, and even trims and changes colour on its own.
  • Embroidered logos are all costed on the number of stitches in the design. The price goes up as the stitch count goes up. The number of colours in the design doesn't have an effect on price in the way screenprinting does, so it is a good option on smaller runs with a multi-colour design. There is a one-off setup fee for the digitising of a logo.

email:Inview Print ; or call: RANG 03 313 9009 or: CHCH 03 327 438 to discuss your requirements and the options available.

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