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Screenprinting is one of the oldest, most effective, and flexible methods of placing designs on garments and other items. At Inview our qualified screenprinting staff use the latest equipment to ensure we produce a quality product for our customers.

How it works:

  • Basically, screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a stencil attached to a mesh (the screen). There are various types of mesh (fine to coarse), and various types of ink to achieve different results.
  • Each colour in a design requires its own piece of film to produce its own screen for printing. These colours are identified and “separated” from each other, by a specialised computer programme, which in turns requires the design to be in a certain format and of a certain quality. (Note this can either be provided by the customer, or we can produce or upgrade this inhouse).
  • When screen printing garments the cost is determined by the number of colours in the design and the number of garments being printed. The less colours in the design – the less expensive the print. The higher the number of garments – the less expensive the print.
  • There is a one off setup fee for the creation of film and screens when you do the first run of a job.
  • We handle the entire screen printing process inhouse including artwork creation, printing of the film, production of the screens, mixing of inks, and, of course, the printing itself.

Email:Inview Print ; or call: RANG 03 313 9009 or: CHCH 03 327 438 to discuss your requirements and the options available.

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